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  1. Church Candles
  2. Special Occasion
  3. Scented Candles
  4. Household Candles
  5. Accessories

Candles for all occasions

  1. We have the most comprehensive range of candles in Melbourne. Church candles in beeswax and white wax come in approximately 60 different diameters and lengths. Seasonal candles for Advent and Lent are available, including decorated Paschal candles. We also supply sanctuary candles, 3 and 4 inch votives, carol candles for Christmas, candles in glass, and beeswax tapers.
  2. We produce personalized candles for baptisms, weddings and for other occasions – with a range of wax and hand painted designs on offer.
  3. Scented pillar, taper and tea light candles can be used to add fragrance to your home or meditation space.
  4. Household and dinner candles come in white, beeswax, and various colours.  We also sell floating candles, square candles and long burning tea lights (2, 5 and 9 hour).
  5. Brass candle stands, brass and wooden candle holders, sockets, joiners, wax catchers, spring loaded candles, oil filled candles and wicks are available.

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