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  1. Vestments
  2. Clerical Garments
  3. Sanctuary Items
  4. Church Furniture
  5. Sacred Vessels

One stop shop for Church items

  1. The vestment range includes chasubles, copes, stoles, albs and cinctures. Some garments are Australian made; others are sourced from countries such as Italy, Slovakia, Canada, Thailand, Guatemala and Singapore.
  2. The clerical garment range encompasses clergy shirts for men and women, comfort and bib stocks, replacement collar inserts, albs – both ecumenical and standard types, and altar server robes. Cassocks and surplices can be made to order.
  3. Sweet red, sweet white and dry white sacramental wine from Sevenhills is supplied in cartons and casks.  We sell priests and peoples’ hosts, 6 inch family wafers, and low gluten or gluten free wafers. We stock Prinknash Abbey, Benedictine Abbey and Three Kings incense varieties, along with charcoal.
  4. Church furniture such as altars, lecterns (floor and table), vases, branch candlesticks, votive candle stands and collection bags can be made to your specification.  Standard items can be purchased from the store.
  5. There is a wide selection of Sacred Vessels: chalices, ciboria, pattens, pyxes, monstrances, tabernacles, Mass kits and sick call kits. In addition, there are other items necessary for Church services: cruets, thuribles, asperges, corporals, purificators and finger towels. Altar cloths are made to order.

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