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  1. Ornaments and Jewellery
  2. Religious Books and Bibles
  3. Special Occasion Cards
  4. Monastique Cosmetics
  5. Willow Tree Angels

Gifts that you will admire!

  1. We stock a unique range of gifts that are sourced from Australia, Italy, Slovakia, South America, the Holy Land and the U.S.A.  Our wide range includes the Vatican Collection jewellery, sterling silver and 9 carat gold religious medals and chains, and glass laser ornaments. We also specialize in Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation gifts.  Rosaries, medals, key rings, various piety gifts and nativity sets for Christmas are also available.
  2. We pride ourselves in our delightful children’s religious books, prayer books, spiritual books, bibles, missals and certificates for Sacraments.
  3. We carry a wide range of prayer cards and bookmarks; and greeting cards for the sacraments, birthdays, anniversaries, jubilees, bereavement and special occasions.
  4. The Monastique skin care products combine modern cosmetic research with the centuries old tradition of monastic life. Produced at the Carmelite Monastery in Kew, the product list includes skin food, cleansing cream, hand lotion, beauty soap, talcum powder, shampoo, gift sets and much more.
  5. Willow Tree angels and figurines are very popular gifts that express a variety of human feelings.

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