Our Lady of Fatima, 80cm high Indoor Outdoor Statue

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Our Lady of Fatima with the Sacred Heart depicts Mary as she appeared to three shepherd children, Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia  near the village of Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

As she appeared as a most resplendent, beautiful lady dressed in white, brighter than the sun. Her clothes are white and have golden embroidery.

She identified herself to them as the Lady of the Rosary and is said to represent faith, hope and devotion. In this depiction she stands with open hands as described by the children. The Immaculate Heart is surrounded by thorns.

This statue is also nicknamed “the Miraculous Statue” or the Statue of the Chapel of Apparitions.  It was the occasion of enormous graces for many pilgrims to Fatima. Countless miracles are attributed to it, including its survival of a dynamite attack that blew off the chapel roof in 1922 and the famous miracle of the doves.

Based on the description of the three children, artists of these statues made free use of their imaginations to represent Our Lady in a vast array of different designs.

Made in Italy from bonded marble. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor.  Inch measurements: 33 Inches High, 9 Inches wide and 9 Inches deep.

Centimeters: 84cm high; 23cm deep; 23cm wide.  This statue weighs approximately 20kgs.

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