This truly magnificent Nativity Set stands 90cm tall.  It would be a wonderful feature in a Church for the Christmas season.  The colouring and detail in the figures are a joy to behold.

We are showing here a photograph of one of the Kings, to fully illustrate the quality of the set.  The full Nativity Set presents the Angel, Joseph and Mary, the baby Jesus, separate cradle, the 3 Kings and the Shepherd.  The set does not contain animals, although there are a couple that are available separately.  Resourceful customers can rise to the challenge of obtaining animals!!

One of the 3 Kings

One of the 3 Kings

* Because we are not equipped to ship furniture items around Australia, we can undertake to deliver or courier this Nativity Set within the Metropolitan Melbourne area only (and the shipping charge for this will be $50, to be billed additionally to the cost of the Set, in consultation with the customer).  Customers who reside outside Metropolitan Melbourne would have to either collect the Nativity Set by their own transport, or organize their own courier/means of transport.


Price: $2,500.00


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