Ideas to Save Your Life

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Philosophy for Wisdom, Solace and Pleasure. A book about order in a perplexing world. By Michael mcGirr, where and how do we draw life’s purpose? and how does philosophy make life better?
304 pages.

The book goes back to Pythagoras and comes forward to the contemporary Australian Frank Jackson; back to Mungo Woman and forward to Martha Nussbaum, by way of Simone Weil and Iris Murdoch. It is animated by two related questions- from where do we draw a sense of life’s purpose? And how can philosophy make life better? It ranges widely across subjects-from solitude to community, language to order, experience to ecstasy, the idea of good to that of a good idea.

About the Author:

Michael McGirr is the bestselling author of Books that Saved My Life, Snooze, Bypass and Things You Get for Free. He has reviewed almost one thousand books, his short fiction has appeared in publications in Australia and overseas.

Ideas to Save Your Life is often funny, but it is always serious about the task of philosophy that invites you to change how you see about the world.

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