Southern Cross Church Supplies offers sacramental wine from Sevenhill Cellars.

Note we are only licensed to sell Altar Wine to Churches and Religious Institutions such as Schools and Hospitals for sacramental purposes.

Southern Cross Church Supplies is not permitted to sell Altar Wine to the general public. In order to purchase wine over through this website you will need to order through a Church Account.

If you do not already have an account with us, you can apply online and we will assess your application and once approved, activate it, you will then receive Church prices on candles and will be able to log in anytime to review past orders.

We offer two brands of altar breads.

Cavanagh altar breads are sourced from the Cistercian monks at Tarrawarra Abbey, in the Yarra Valley.

We also stock Irish altar breads. Sales of which, support the running of a self-supporting charity, called Northside Community Enterprises . This charity does wonderful work with long term unemployed who may be rehabilitating from addiction or otherwise be disadvantaged, by providing employment prospects, education and training opportunities.