Easter Paschal Candle Range 2024

“Quality Paschal Candle wax designs made locally in Melbourne”

All Prices include GST.

Notes on the Paschal Candle Designs – handcrafted in Melbourne

  • All crosses, letters/numerals are made of wax sourced from Germany. The applied wax creates a textured 3D effect that burn with the candle.
  • Custom Paschal Candle order last minute deadlines (Although we encourage you not to leave it to the last minute!):
    • Melbourne – Mon 25th March for collection
    • Melbourne Metro – Mon 18th March allowing 9 working days for posting or courier
    • Interstate and Rural – Mon 14th March allowing 16 working days for posting or courier.
      We appreciate your earliest ordering. All Paschal Candles are hand made with great care.
  • NEW design I is in limited supply (10 only) and is available only a White Wax Candle, size 3 x 24 Inch (74mm x 600mm). Once sold there cannot be more ordered for this year.
    • Paschal Candle Wax Sets (cross, alpha/omega and date) are available: $26.00- ready for customer to attach with own craft glue
    • Sets of ‘2023’ ($16.00) and the single numeral ‘3’ ($3.50) are also available.
  • Additional candle sizes are available as special orders:
    • 3” x 30”: $117 Standard Design A (Designs B,C,D,E,F,G additional cost)
    • 4” x 24”: $142 Standard Design A (Designs B,C,D,E,F,G additional cost)
      – Please contact us by early as possible, no later than Thur 23.3.23 to order one of these larger sized decorated candles to ensure stock is available.